Thursday, October 18, 2007


POPOMING, Two Thumbs Up!!
Gamers give Ten Full Points for POPOMING!!
POPOMING, new online casual RPG by JoyImpact finished its first closed beta test last weekend. Mud4U, one of most popular webzines in Korea had review on its site. Scaled one to ten, participated gamers gave ten full points to POPOMING. They say they were very satisfied with the last version and they especially enjoyed one of POPOMING's unique features, transforming system.
The Mud4u review article introduces POPOMING as the following.
POPOMING has cartoonic SD characters named ARA, CHIRO, and ROY which you might have seen in children's book or comic books. Their adorable appearances apeal to young and female players. It's control system is also very simple and easy that anyone playing the game for the first time can easily adapt to the environment. The most interesting and fun part of playing POPOMING is to experience transformation of the three characters. Each character has five different ways to transform, in 5 stages. To make it more easy, one character can change into 25 different characters and experience different skills, items each time.
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