Friday, August 17, 2007

Mythos Preview on TIG

This Is has posted the preview article of Mythos closed beta.
Here is a glimpse of it.

Mythos! You just can't stop!
Putting aside any criticism, if Hellgate: London is the expansion version of Diablo, you can say that Mythos is the direct line family member of it.Not only because the game is being developed by the creators of Diablo series, but also it maximized the great features of Diablo.

Being one of testers of Mythos' closed beta test, the game has overcome from previous single and network plays that were one of strongest features of Diablo, and become MMORPG.I wondered what made me stay up all night playing the same hack and slash game. And I have found out why.

if you want to look at the whole article, here is the link.

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